Friday, July 15, 2011


Good things come to those who wait.

They say that, but what they don't tell you is that waiting REALLY stinks! It feels like ages ago that we dropped the hint that we had procured and even shipped an iPad in an effort to complete what we call MISSION ONE as an organized unit, even though it has been less than a week.

Why the delay?

Well, the day after we had dropped our teaser, a non-existent iPad appeared and was awarded to one of the recipients in the original contest! It came as such a surprise to everybody that we decided that we wanted to wait to reveal ours because there were a lot of questions and suspicions floating about, and it made sense to wait and allow for a cool-down period.

But when I received this, from one of the parents of the child who received the iPad, I wanted to share it. With permission, I do so now, though I have altered it slightly because this is a TEASER, I am going to post the rest of the story...I'm not telling, as I don't want to get punked this time.

'We appreciate this more than you can imagine. He/she has already started showing us that he/she knows more than he/she has been letting on! We have a couple of free apps that we downloaded teaching colors, shapes, etc. He/she picked out shapes that we have never gone over (more than once). He/she also showed us that he/she recognizes different animals and was able to pick out animals based on questions: "What animal has fur?" "Which animal swims?" Etc. We have NEVER reviewed animals in that way.'

I told the parent that this was probably the single greatest thing in the known universe that I had heard all week, and it was 100% what this project is about. I get misty-eyed even re-counting the exchange, it is THAT important when your child moves into territory as yet un-charted, and to hear phrases like that is so...pure.

And after all the negativity swirling about this entire week, I needed it more than a man stepping off the surface of the sun needs a drink of water. A BIG drink of water.

Look for much more of that story very, very soon.

Also, check out the new pages as they get updated, the OUR MISSION page and the RECIPIENTS list, and we have a Facebook Page now, courtesy of one Steve Hoveke, my dear friend who thought of it while I was too busy to do so. Steve, thanks for having my back. As soon as I can remember how to get a Facebook Badge on this site, I will be happy to easily link you all up to it!

More soon!
(And no, that's not the official sign-off...)


Finding Normal said...

Love! Can't wait to hear all about the first awardee!!!

pressuresupport said...

After a long week including day job stress and all of THIS stuff. hearing news like this is just what I needed for a friday to begin to feel like a friday!!

Awesome. All kinds of Awesome.

Shannon said...

Really? LOVE IT! I'm still swimming in a sea of what could've been! If this is real and you are sincerely doing this for some of us families who were duped, BLESS YOU!!

Justine said...

What a great post! Thank you!

blogzilly said...

Finding Normal:
Thanks...believe me, holding it in hasn't been the easiest thing for all of us, especially the parents.

Ah...I miss day job stress. Can I have some?

Regarding this and I also saw your note since it came to me and I forwarded it on to Heather too. I can tell you it is 1000% real, though in this climate I TOTALLY understand anyone being skeptical of that. Trust must be earned, not handed over like a piece of toast.

And...I can't promise you we will succeed. What I can promise you is that everybody is giving their all to try.

That's the best we can do.


Ellen said...

I'm with pressuresupport—this is just what I needed at the end of a looooong week.






Jan Goldfield said...

I was looking for a link for donations. Will you have one?

blogzilly said...

Thanks, appreciate that. Couldn't have done it without you.

You've either successfully hacked my computer, which I hope not, or this is the crazist coincidence in the world! :) We've just been discussing this! We want to add a Widget to the site to do so, but want to dot several i's and cross several t's beforehand.

We do plan to answer this and several other key questions in the next few days. IN fact, one of the parents was kind enough to assemble, from a parent recipient perspective, her questions in an effort to organize a FAQ.

The point being that if one parent had these questions/concerns from outside our group, odds are that everyone did. ;)