Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grace to the Humble

Did you ever get so overjoyed about something, you tripped over yourself in your excitement while celebrating?

Happens all the time.

In the age of digital cameras, smart phones and the Internet you see all sorts of examples of it. From slips that reveal a bit too much skin, to NFL players falling on their keesters, no one is immune to the embarrassment of occasionally taking one to the chin when they are jumping up and down in celebration.

Not even us.

In Wednesday's post, I teased everybody to keep their weathered eyes on the horizon for some updates to our site for new pages to start making their way into the Mission. After that post went live, we received a bit of news, a bit of game changing news, that...well, changed our game.

That's why they call it GAME-CHANGING, 'natch!

And we were so blown away by it that we went into spiritual and emotional overdrive, and in our haste, we got a little lost. But not too badly. Did someone just say something about 'Rock' and 'Salvation'?

Some of the pages went live before they were supposed to, but nothing was shared that violated any of the promises we made, that much I assure you. The only thing that happened was that the sequential order of the Recipients went up before we'd had a chance to contact the parents personally, something we'd promised to do, and for that all we can do is apologize and ask to be forgiven.

Other things, like some of the Forms and such, were not ready to be posted, but that is small potatoes. We can fix those things and re-activate them with relative ease. What I want most is to just publicly acknowledge our responsibility, offer our apology, and to explain the reason why yesterday went a little wacky.

Because the intentions were honorable, and the news very good indeed.

It is with sincere humility and delight that I announce on behalf of our entire team that we have partnered with Bill, Victoria and their daughter Gwendolyn from The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

Gwendolyn Strong was born in October, 2007, perfectly healthy, but was diagnosed with the terminal disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type I at 6-months-old.

Bill and Victoria, her parents, are obviously committed to raising awareness about and funding research for SMA and helping families who are torn apart by this horrible disease, but to understand the significance of their offer to help us in this cause is to understand something fundamentally beautiful about the human spirit that I think is forever forged out of being the parent of a child who is disabled.

And that is the unwavering, steadfast commitment we have to each other in our community. It is not necessary that we know each other. It is not an absolute that our children share the same condition.

When our children suffer, we suffer.

And this bonds us. Permanently.

They did not hesitate, for a nano-second, to reach out and extend their umbrella to service our cause; a cause that Bill himself had only good things to say about.

From a spiritual standpoint this is...monumentally nourishing.

But first, let me go over the practical side of things. (Yeah, yeah, I know...I gotta go spoil the moment...)

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is a straight-up, legitimate, well-respected 501 (c)(3), which now makes any donation to Mission: iPossible 100% tax deductible and 100% secure. There are no fees removed other than the usual Merchant Services credit card fees that most online transactions have (3-5%), so nearly ALL money received will go directly to service the needs of the children, without a per-transaction percentage fee like some non-profit partnership opportunities that there are out there.

But best of all?

We are restoring our faith and trust from within our own community, and since we were attacked from within our community, this is a major building block for the return of a measure of trust. With grace and with dignity, they help us wipe away ANY residual doubt that might be left behind in the wake of the disastrous giveaway that started this chain of events. There is no way we can possibly thank Bill, Victoria and their precious daughter Gwendolyn enough for this extraordinary gesture of Humanitarianism.

As you can see now, there is an active Donation button to the right on our page. This takes you to a page that is hosted and sponsored by the GSF, and it is live. If you click it, you are not obligated to make a donation by that act alone, so feel free to explore. Though, if you have the cash, don't hold back either! Because if you do, and some have, you will be issued a receipt that you can use with the IRS at tax time.

We have already secured the funds for another iPad thanks to the support of a couple of HEAVY-HITTING donors, and we are inches away from another, both of which we should be announcing officially next week, at which time I will also go over the Random Drawing we did and a few other dangling issues I want to cover.

And by then all of our ducks should be stacked up nice and neat, in a perfect row, quacking away.

Thank you Bill, Victoria & Gwendolyn, for opening doors we could never have opened ourselves. To our parents and Recipients, our readership and our friends, thank you for your understanding and all of your patience. And thank you, as always, to those both inside and outside of this community, for your support and participation in this effort.


On behalf of:
Heather, Maureen, Darcy & Ken
Mission: iPossible


Justine said...

I cannot even tell you how much I like this post (and probably not for the reasons you think.) Thank you all!

Shannon said...

Wow - that is incredible - this just keeps getting better. I say this not as a potential recipient, but as a person who has questioned my faith at times in the general goodness of people in general and the world at large. It is absolutely heartwarming to know there are people out there like you and like the Strongs who make it their life's mission to reach out to others, to make others' lives better despite whatever struggles they may be enduring in their own lives!

Elizabeth said...

So, so wonderful. And some really beautiful writing here --

Justine (Romy's Mama) said...

SO amazing and very exciting! So many thanks to amazing little Gwendolyn and her parents. This really is a restoration in SN blogging faith.

the other lion said...

Hooray! They are such a sweet family.

Selene said...

Wonderful and awesome and all the good stuff, love your work, everyone!! And thank you. For restoring a little faith.