Friday, July 29, 2011


Not exactly the title I had planned to post today.

No, today's blog was GOING to be titled iLuke, and it was going to feature Luke Lundgren, and the photos of he and his family gathered around the iPad2 that they received yesterday from us.

And that post will come. But I sent a note to The Lundgrens and their family assures me that the post about the iPad2 is absolutely one that can wait a couple of days so that I can instead use this space to talk to you all about another matter.

Because it is vital to remember that while this site exists to facilitate the giving if these devices to children with communication-related disabilities, it also exists for reasons that go much farther than that. This site is also about community, and supporting each other in times of need, in times of stress, or pain and struggle.

One of our own, one of the families on our list, is struggling now, and we need to divert our attention to them for the moment.

Liam, from the Olson family, is in the PICU at Hasbro Children's Hospital. You can read the update by Eric, Liam's Dad, at Pressure Support and offer your words of encouragement to his family there.

All of us here hope that Liam makes a speedy recovery and have nothing but the warmest of thoughts and prayers for him and his family. Eric and Karin, Hasbro Children's Hospital is in the Rhode Island area, am I right? Let us know if there is anything anybody can do for you.

Take care of yourselves and your brave little warrior.

*EDIT(6:42PM EST):
I've never been a Twitter guy. For obvious reasons. Well, I think they're obvious. I have the affliction known as Diarrhea of the Mouth. Or in this case hands I guess. Although, I suppose I could use Twitter as an educational tool (would that be tax deductible?) to learn some brevity. But on Eric's Sidebar I saw this, and wanted to share. He 'TWEETS' I guess you call it. He's also a very witty guy.

@PressureSupport-Eric Olson
'After all we've done for him, Liam is now refusing to share his morphine drip.'

Now THAT is a man who is keeping his spirits up!


On behalf of:
Heather, Maureen, Darcy & Ken
Mission: iPossible


Jacob's Mommy said...

We live in Portsmouth, RI. Let us know how we can help...

Bethany Borgueta

blogzilly said...

Bethany was one of the original 40 MB website contest winners and her family actually got an iPad through their own means I think by buying one or as a gift I can't remember exactly, shortly before this whole MiP thing got going.

Hi, how's Jacob doing with it? Any cool new words since Chawchoe?

See what you missed out on? :P

Melissa said...

Headed over now. Thanks for posting.

The Lundgrens said...

Praying for you, Olson Family!!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Eric here.

First of all I'd like to thank Ken and everyone at the MiP project for this thoughtful post. We've been inundated by emails and comments of support all night.

Thank you to everyone who read ourstory and sent their own kind words. The positive thoughts do not go unnoticed and are definitely appreciated.

Yes, we are in Providence RI. And the people here at Hasbro Childrens have helped us throughout Liam's life. Please know we are in very good hands here.

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and for welcoming us to this wonderful community.

Jacob's Mommy said...

Ken - ayee geem (ice cream). The iPad is a great tool. I'll be posting video soon...

Eric - Hasbro is wonderful. Thinking of your boy...

Anna said...

^ oh how sweet. Thats EXACTLY how my little one says Ice Cream!!! Every night over and over until its in her papas bowl to share......