Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Read the New Graphics

Just so you know...those three boxes up there? Yeah those...they went out yesterday. To Levi, Jake and Jaxson. Pretty cool huh?

So while we wait for Elizabeth to get hers, and those to get to their destinations, and for some funds to move around, I thought I would post some info I have been meaning to about the little buttons that you saw pop up over the weekend on the right hand side of the page.

In the Blogoverse we call that a Sidebar, your honor. Here's what the images mean. I'll use the name Bennett for this illustration, just because it was the first name I thought of.

This shows a photo of the iPad2 and a DONATE icon, with the name of the child who will be receiving the iPad 2, and if you click the button you'll be taken to the GSF Donation page to hopefully keep the process of fund-raising moving right along. And since there hasn't been any in a day or so, I know we have some work to do ahead of us...

Funds Acquired
This shows a photo of a Victory newspaper headline and a DOLLAR SIGN icon, indicating that the funds needed for the iPad2 have successfully been acquired through donation. This does not necessarily mean the iPad2 is ready to ship. We still need to gather the funds from whatever sources we might need to grab them from. The Thermometer widget on the site shows overall progress of Donations received, not funds in our actual pocket. But the good news is that when this icon changes to this level it means that the goal of raising the money for this particular Recipient's iPad2 has been achieved!

This shows a photo of some college kids looking through microscopes and a VERIFIED icon, indicating that the funds have successfully been positioned, Parents have been notified and all their paperwork is in order, and the purchase of the iPad2 for this Recipient is now in motion. It is simply a matter of scheduling it, making the purchase and getting it ready for shipment.

This shows a photo of a vintage Federal Express plane and pilot and a PLANE icon, indicating that the iPad2 has been shipped and the Parents have been notified of the particulars concerning its arrival. A Delivery Confirmation number has been sent to the Parents so that they can plan ahead, because these deliveries always require a signature and also so that they can check the progress of the package on the website. Why use USPS instead of FedEx? I'll cover that in the FAQ, and that's coming very shortly.

This shows a photo of a child opening up a mailbox and a RECEIVED icon, indicating that the Parent has notified us, or we have noted by checking the USPS website, that the iPad2 has arrived and been signed for. At this time we usually are waiting for the Parents to have some fun time with their kids and family, become familiar with the device and enjoy the moment. There is no rush. It takes some time to actually learn your way around one of these things!

Mission Accomplished!
This shows a photo of the Recipient with the iPad2 and a CHECK MARK icon, indicating that the iPad2 has been received and the Mission has been accomplished! The photo will be pulled from the set of photos provided by the Parent. If no photography is provided by the family in the interests of privacy, some substitute photograph will be created for the button.

And there you have it.

As you can see, most of the buttons have had the names changed to actual first names, with one exception. I've discussed it with the Parent and in the interest of privacy we've agreed on keeping the child's name as it is. It's a good call and I totally support the Parent's reasons, as I would anyone. The whole reason for Codenames in the beginning was because we wanted to offer some trust and security since we were fairly unknown quantities and the climate was very different, even a month ago.

Times have changed a lot, and we've proven a lot, and so that need is not as dire. BUT...that doesn't change an individual's rights, which we do respect, and that's that. :)

Hope that helps you all understand the graphics a little better, and here's to hoping some iPads arrive today or tomorrow!


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Kim said...

Is it weird that I'm as impressed with the artistry of the site and images as I am with the Mission?

The Lundgrens said...

Yes! What Kim said...totally agree!