Tuesday, August 23, 2011



When I put up the iMarissa post on Sunday, I completely spaced out and forgot to link up to the video that Shannon sent me in her e-mail about the experience.

My total bad. I got so distracted by the blog post I stumbled on that Shannon wrote that I didn't go to her e-mail to pull 'parent quotes' like I usually do when I start writing the iPosts. So I was doing a little filing of the MiP Inbox I keep today, getting prepped to write another iPost this afternoon and I noticed her video link.

Well, I'm nothing if not willing to cop to a mistake! So here ya go!

Sorry Shannon! I would never intentionally dis-include movies!


On behalf of:
Um...nope, this one is all on me.



Justine said...

I just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks, but I'd bet Marissa wouldn't like that. Thanks for the video. It sure made me smile this afternoon.

blogzilly said...

So I made you laugh, smile and cry today? I need to take it easy on you tomorrow, is that what yer tellin' me? :)

Shannon said...

Now THAT is one cute kid!! ;)
Don't sweat it, Ken - Lord knows you have a lot going on right now.

Justine said...

And I claim to be "unemotional." Ha!