Monday, August 29, 2011


Hope everybody had a good weekend. Although I know some of our East Coast neighbors had to dodge Mother Nature, hopefully everyone is safe and secure out there and not dealing with too many obstacles in their path.

Speaking of obstacles, I had my own to deal with last Friday morning, in the form of a Tonsillectomy, which is why you've seen a WEE bit of a lull in the 'iPosts', even though there are still a few pending to be written. Had a lot to do to get ready for it, and now there has been a lot in the way of recovery.

Wow...getting your tonsils removed hurts more than I thought. In fact, yesterday and today are probably the worst as far as pain and discomfort, and I expected that by today I would be skipping off to work merrily and without incident.

Such is NOT the case.

But you know what? It does tell me something. I find it very difficult to speak. The inside of my mouth is so swollen that I just don't talk, so I find communication difficult. But I know that, eventually, my communication will return. I also know that I can write if I want, I can gesture, I can draw a picture to get across what I want to communicate to someone. I can also type these kinds of posts for as long as I wish to remain at the computer, although I try not to do too much as I need to rest a lot.

Is there frustration? Absolutely. But at least I know there is a temporary nature to this condition. Our kids don't always know this or even understand what is happening to them.

These lessons that find their way to me are...uncanny in their timing. As if they are almost meant to. They teach me in ways I could never learn by simply going through the motions. They teach me with a profundity I could not achieve otherwise.

This pain really IS a gain. In many ways.

And so with that, let's 'talk' about Romy's iPad2, which was delivered last week, by listening to what her mom, Justine, had to say about the experience. 

'We received the iPad today! I let Romy open it because she loves to open gifts and I let her help me choose a few apps as well. Her face just lit up when I presented it to her! She even let out a few squeals of delight. In no time at all she was singing and dancing to music, playing instruments, and swiping through ebooks as well as repeating a lot of the words that she was hearing.

It is already holding her attention much longer than any other therapy tool we've tried. Simply put, she was happy! Very, very, very happy. Thank you guys so much for putting such a huge smile on her face.

I'm going to be downloading a few communication apps tonight and we can't wait to try them out first thing in the morning. I know for sure this will have a profound affect on her development. Thank you for gifting us with such an immeasurable gift! It is even more wonderful because it came from such an honest and loving place. It makes me very proud to be a small part of the special needs community.'

I love this community. I really do. What an amazing force.

Each person I encounter is more amazing than the next, and I consider myself a better human being because of this entire experience. And I don't mean just the experience of this iPad2 restoration project, though it is a very important thing, don't get me wrong.

I mean the entire experience of BEING a Special Needs Parent as a whole. I used to sit around wishing things were different, wishing that life hadn't been so cruel to me or my son. Now I reflect on how much I have grown as an individual and how many other uncanny people I have the honor of meeting because of the circumstances that have shaped my life.

OH! And this time...I did NOT forget the link to the video that Justine sent in along with her e-mail. So there won't be any need for a follow-up. Enjoy!

Is that not the cutest EVER!?!? (Although it is pretty easy to say that about every new movie that comes in, admittedly!)

Thanks for sharing the photos and the experience, and I'll get another of the posts up in the next couple of days, just as soon as I am able.

Many thanks also to Joyce, over at My Name is Sarah, for her funding drive over the weekend that resulted thus far in raising money for at least one more iPad2, covering enough for Kenyon's device, and we are inches away from enough for Super-T's!

Now THAT is an awesome way to promote some healing! Thanks Joyce!


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Kris said...

I love it! Romy is so sweet. The pictures and video made my day :)