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Were you aware that we, as a species, were probably communicating with one another since, oh, maybe around 2.5 million years ago?

Of course, opinion on that varies wildly depending on what you actually believe as far as our Earthly origins, and I don't want to necessarily try to convince anyone what you should or should not believe, obviously, but just consider this, for a moment.

Some scientists believe that it is theoretically possible that Homo Habilis, and this would be the VERY first hint of the species of Man, and only if you are a person who believed in an Evolution of the Species, were communicating using primitive language-like systems (proto-language), that long ago. Wild, huh?

But let's say you don't want to take it to that extreme, and you want to go back to say...Homo Sapien, people that are just hairier versions of you and me. Well, maybe just me. That would place human communication at around 100,000 years.

That's still a long time.

And yet, did you know that a formal 'communication model' was never really laid out until around 1948? I didn't, not until all of this happened. Not until I started researching more about communication as a sort of 'hobby', you might say.

That's a lot of what these iPad2 Mission's help to fuel, on a personal level.

When these photos fill the Inbox, it makes me want to hit the Internet, they rev my engine to read more about speech and language, learn more about the difference between the two, study the models, order more books from Amazon and watch these children open doors that were once closed, even if it is only a little at a time or by leaps and bounds.

This past weekend, we got photos in from Sofia's family (as well as four others), along with some great messages. I, in turn, spent a lot of time enjoying photos, thinking about ways to possibly grow this project beyond Mission One, and burning a hole in Wikipedia.

From Megan, Sofia's Mom:

'The kids are at their grandparent's house this weekend while we are packing to move, but we promise to get lots of photo ops tomorrow when she opens her gift (and a more formal thank you for sure)! My hands are shaking as I type this and I'm crying. I guess good things DO come to those who wait!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!'

And then, from Dez, the Dad. (Note: I am using a deeper 'inner voice' as I type this. Hee hee.)

'As you can see, Sofia (and her older brother!) are already enjoying their new iPad2! Although we have been actively watching the previous blogs about the other very fortunate children who have received their iPad2 and cheering them on, it was incredibly surreal when the postman delivered Sofia's to us on Saturday. After waiting for so long, and being so disappointed, we couldn't believe that the day had actually come when we would see her open up her very own iPad! Sofia absolutely loves it. She is especially enjoying playing music and listening to animal sounds, so far, but we know that the possibilities will be endless and we cannot wait to see her thrive with this wonderful therapeutic tool!

When our son was born, we learned what it was like to love another human being with such ferocity that we would do anything for him, no matter what. Then Sofia came along. With all of her challenges and the difficulties that she faces, there is an urgency to that love that is hard to describe. Like so many other parents of special needs children, we feel that it is our responsibility to give her the best start that we can and there is nothing that we wouldn't do to provide her with every single possibility and advantage to help her thrive. This iPad2 is one of those advantages.

Thank you so much for taking a disheartening situation and turning it into a wonderful experience for our family, as well as the families of so many other special needs children. Words cannot tell you how grateful we are that this day has finally come!'

Great photos, and great to hear about such an awesome response to the iPad2 for Sophia!

I know that their family is in the process of moving, but hopefully once they get settled in they can get back in touch with some more pics and update us on any new applications they might have worked with.

Any of the other families as well...I would LOVE to post about any of your experiences with applications, breakthroughs, struggles and experiences you've been having with the technology since you have received the iPad2, since it will help to learn more about what might be applicable in some of our situations.

And in the meantime, since I can't build a Time Machine and go back to school and get a different degree, I spend some of my time trying to get as much education as I can on subjects about communication and language as I try to understand why my son has such a problem with his. Came across this today and thought I would share.

It's VERY basic, but I decided to take the advice of my good friend Mark, who suggested I approach my understanding of Bennett from a fresh perspective, and attack some of my questions from an angle of learning more about pure communication. Then see if some of the therapy questions I have fall into place later. I decided to take that approach for a while, but everyone's mileage may vary.

It is a fascinating little romp though...enjoy!

A Communication Tutorial


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Justine said...

Another success! So happy for little Sofia and her family! Great job team!

Mr. Kaduck said...

Reading through all of the entries the past few weeks really brings a smile to my face. It is wonderful what the team here is doing for all of the children and families who were misled . THANK YOU.