Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Ready for a Week of iPosts

Despite the slower roll-out of actual 'iPosts', do you realize that we are only 2 iPads away from completion of this first Mission? That's unreal, isn't it? And it isn't really 2 FULL iPads. It's $740.00 to put an exact number on it.

That's DAMN close to the end.

Ever wonder why 20 iPads at $499.00 each equals $11,000.00 and not $10,000.00? Well, you have to factor in tax, which is around 6.75%, and also a merchant service fee on most donations, which is 5%, and shipping costs, and materials for shipment. The truth is, when it comes right down to it, the ACTUAL cost per iPad is more like $577.48, but rather than put some wacky number in the Goal Total we just figured as a unit we'd round up to $550.00 and any overages we'd eat the costs. And so we do.

It's not THAT bad of a the end the overall cost is going to be 5-6 hundy in actual dollars, most of that in the shipping and materials area. My opinion? Small price to pay for what we ALL gain from this.

Yeah, you can blame me for not having an answer on that one somewhere on this website. That should and will go in the FAQ, just hasn't yet. I used to feel guilty about that. I don't anymore.

It will go up when I can get it up. As will many things when it comes to this site. I don't mean for that to sound callous or cold, because I do not feel that way about this at all. In fact, this entire experience has changed me in ways that are all for the better. I intend to try to explore charity work as a career now, in my now mid-40's, totally changing my path from toy designer and artist to something completely different. If I can.

Not sure HOW I will do it. I only know that I want to. I only know that for the first time since I started working as a toy designer and felt 100% fulfilled in my career I haven't for, oh, around 7 years now. This...this gives me that feeling again.

It's THAT important to me.

But these little things, like that FAQ, I can't sweat right now, ONLY because there have been other things to do, like getting iPads coordinated and purchased (with help from a new anonymous helper), take care of myself and my health and my family, and frankly...put food on our own table. Since this is not a full-time job for any of us (YET!) we all still have to try to manage our roles in this part-time, and so while I was a bit obsessive about it initially, I have had to sort of come to terms with allowing some breathing room and letting the whole process evolve.

Learned a TON though, as I have watched these kids receive their iPads. A TON. And what joy it brings me every single time pictures or video comes in.

I love it. And I love talking about it to people. I love the way their faces light up and smile when I tell them about YOUR children and what they have done, about OUR community and what they have achieved.

It's great. It's special.

Over a week ago a batch of FIVE iPads all got shipped at the same time, for Kenyon, Super-T, Liam, Joseph and Thomas.

You might be saying hey skipped over Luke S.

Well, not exactly. Luke's Mom, Kelly, VOLUNTEERED to be skipped over. Not sure how much you know about the Olson family, but their son Liam was in the hospital, then out, then in, then out. Then Hurricane Irene shows up during the last hospital visit. So Kelly said to let Liam take her spot and they would wait. As it turned out, the wait was not long. Luke S.'s iPad actually shipped last Friday.

So that was actually SIX iPads shipped in around a week's time.

That's a lot of blogs I need to catch up on, after just having got caught up on the last batch (except for Becca's, which is kind of a 'unique' scenario). I'll get those going as of tomorrow, which is actually easy enough because I have three of them done already, just waiting for pics and text from a few of the parents.

So that's where we are.


That's our goal.

And to think. It was $11,000.00 on July 12th. That was only 76 DAYS AGO.

I've never, not once during this whole process, asked you to donate. Not going to start doing it now.

I have gone after sources on the side and done my own fund-raising, as have we all, as have MANY in this community. I would ask that you all continue to do so, continue to seek out sources of revenue so that we can close out this first Mission, get Sam N. and Erin their iPads, and get Mission One wrapped up so that we can start preparations for a second Mission.

I have some interesting thoughts on what that might actually involve.

There will be many changes in how we manage it, based mainly on the things learned along the way in how the process went during this first one, but I only see bright things for the future of any child who has access to devices like these, so let's see what we can do to get the last two kids taken care of!


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The Mission: iPossible! Group

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