Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Writing again...I feel a little rusty.

You know how it is. You haven't been at something for a couple of weeks, been in a sort of 'recovery' or 'rehab' mode, but now it is time to get back into the thick of it. But you still kind of wonder, how is it going to be when you actually have to step up there and take your swing or throw the pass?

Oh sure, practices went fairly well, but now it's a game. Now it's for REAL.

People expect RESULTS.

Well, the fact is, the TRUTH is, it doesn't really matter what I write. My words are inconsequential.

What matters, in the end, is that no matter how long it might take me to put up a post or to recover from a surgical procedure, thanks to the generosity of the community, the donations kept coming, the process kept moving, and certainly the kids that have the iPads already...keep using them.

Kids like Addison, who got her iPad a couple of weeks ago. Addison's Mom Debbie, who writes Finding Normal, wrote a terrific post about the iPad's arrival already, and she also had this to say of its' arrival.

'The journey is just beginning, but for now...she's all giggles! Noah (6) played Addison's favorite iPhone app (babies laughing, cooing, etc) on the iPad and she could not stop smiling and laughing at them, probably because they are SO much bigger on iPad!'

'He also showed her some foods and animals on it, and she was quite interested. We need to work on gentle fingers and the fine motor it will take, and then of course figure out which communication app will be the best for her. Hoping our communication therapist will advise me on that during Monday's appointment!'

'Also has been great practice for Noah's left hand, which is still suffering from nerve damage from July's broken arm!'

'I'm attaching some pics and will send/post more as we take them. I can't wait to hear her voice on this amazing device!!! Thank you all again. You are changing so many lives, one mission at a time!'

Well said, and well said in your OWN blog. I hope that she's still continuing to make some progress. Keep us posted!


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The Mission: iPossible! Group

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Finding Normal said...

Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!