Sunday, September 18, 2011


You ever have one of those days where everything just goes wrong?

I'm having one of those months.

Except for this place, and this Mission. It is probably the ONE thing that is keeping me going. Keeping me motivated. Keeping me sane.

It's also the one thing that is keeping me thinking about the positive things in life, and JUST at those moments when I really, really need it.

You know it is funny, this Mission involves breakthroughs in technology, and in the case of the iPad we sent to Jake, one of the delays in writing about the experience of his receipt of the iPad was a breakdown of a technology of a different kind, and that was the Walker family camera.

In fact, they haven't even kept up much with their own blog, Moving to a Zone Defense, ever since that device went down, though they did manage to snap some pics with their phone for me for the purposes of this write-up.

'I've attached a few photos that I've taken with my phone (not the best quality). If we can ever catch Jake on video, we'll be able to show his true excitement. He bounces on his toes and yells, "iPad! iPad! wan da iPad!" One morning as his Dad was working outside, Jake poked his head out the dog door and said, "iPad!" It's amazing how clear "iPad" is when most of his speech is slurred.'

'At first, he was only interested in videos, but now he's enjoying other apps, particularly instruments like guitar and piano. I even caught him playing Toca Boca Doctor. He also loves the special effects camera and holds his favorite toys over the iPad to see how they look on the screen.'

Deb, who has been the main person I have talked to from the Walker family, also sent me some nifty pics of Jake and his first day of school this year (which I peppered through this post as well). They are REALLY looking forward to the new year and what it might hold in store.

'Another wonderful turn of events happened last week when I spoke with his new teacher for this upcoming school year. For the first time, he will have someone who knows that technology is the way to reach him, is knowledgeable about technology, and bought an iPad this summer so that she could be ready for him. We'll be sending his amazing MiP iPad with him to school so that we can coordinate apps. School starts Tuesday, and we can't wait to see where the year takes Jake. This year is pivotal for him since it is his last in elementary school.'

That is...super cool. But then there is this...

'We cannot thank you enough for how you all have impacted our lives. And, I don't just mean the iPad but also bringing trust back to the community. When you have children with special needs, it's easy to feel alone and separated from other families. MiP reminds us that we're not alone, others live in and understand our world, and support is there when you look around.'

'We truly hope that we'll be able to meet you and your family in May when we're visiting. :)'

Remember when I said one of my regrets is that I don't get a chance to meet these families in person for delivery? Well, even though it will be well after the fact, I might have a chance to meet the Walkers some time next Spring, so that will be a very nice thing. They are supposed to attend a wedding somewhere nearby and while I don't know that I can get the whole family coordinated maybe I can still swing some kind of meet.

I do dig meeting the people in the Blogoverse in real life!


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Anna said...

what a beautiful little boy. My heart is thrilled to see him enjoying his iPad and know that his teacher is working hard to facilitate using it in school.It does restore our faith in the world in a small way.

Justine, Romy's Mama said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm so over the moon that you guys are so close to the goal. I love seeing these happy little faces.

deb said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments regarding Jake. He is a sweetheart, and I wish everyone could meet him.

And, thanks again to everyone behind MiP. This mission has been amazing to watch and be a part of.

Oh, and I need to update the blog. Anyone have some spare time they can give me? LOL :)

Jake's mom

Darce said...

I noticed a couple of days ago that the total was up to $10,2??. I was so excited to see that there were less than $1000 to go. But now the number is down to less than $10k. Was a donation retracted. At any rate, so glad to see the goal is near!

blogzilly said...

That was weird. There was no retraction. I reset the amount to what it was/is supposed to be.