Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It was SURREAL today watching the last two iPads go from my hands into the hands of Melissa, the usual Postal Carrier who has the route in our neighborhood.

I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad, or a combination of both. To be honest, I actually did not have the time to experience any emotions at all, I got robbed! I was right smack in the middle of a telephone call when Melissa came to the door and she was a little later than usual, so it took me by complete surprise. So there were no tears, no toothy grins...just a transfer. The surreal nature of it comes to me only when I reflect on the experience, when I play it back in my head, which I have been doing all afternoon, for some strange reason.

On the one hand, it is the beginning of the end of something. On the other, it is ONLY the beginning.


Don't mind me, the afternoon's dose of pain medication is just starting to kick in. Yeah...I am STILL on that stuff. Can you believe it? 4.5 weeks post surgery. And it still feels like there are a couple of burrs stuck to my uvula.


But thankfully you don't have to listen to me TALK about kids receiving their iPads, you only have to READ about kids receiving their iPads. And the iPads they are a'flowin'.

Kenyon's mother, Jen, took some photos of her son Kenyon and had a few things to share about the experience.

'Sorry for the delay, and for the quality of these phone pics! Kenyon is really enjoying his iPad!'

'One of the biggest reasons for wanting an iPad for Kenyon was that it would be a bridge for him to the typical world of boys his age. He knows that boys like technology toys - and he is no different in that regard.'

'We have tried almost every handheld and game console out there - and it either moves too fast or requires complex hand coordination. Anyway, long story short - the iPad's large touch screen works for him! The iPad has apps on his level. Books that will read to him. Fun learning - in a typical way that he can manage and operate with very little assistance.'

'He's been saying over and over, "My very own iPad! Not the boys iPad!" meaning, he's got something special that his brothers don't!! :) Thanks to you, Mission iPossible, and the special needs community for building this bridge, giving him something of his own, that he can work on his own. He's in love!'

I think we are, too!

Hey Jen, sorry about the Bush thing, I know y'all are living in Texas and everything. I lived there for 4+ years myself and my good buddy Richard still resides there. I know...'Don't mess with Texas!' Hey I liked the man quite a bit, he's just always an easy target and he always comes up on the Google Image searches on 'confused'. ;)

THERE'S the toothy grin...

Send more pics in when you can, that goes for ALL the parents out there!


On behalf of:
The Mission: iPossible! Group


Justine said...

What a cutie! (Kenyon, not Bush). I love that this is a bridge for him to fit in with other boys his age. Brings tears to my eyes.

MicJen said...

We may live in Texas, but we are NOT Bush fans! It's all good :)

Thanks for the nice post!