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The fact is, when it comes to how we approach our therapies with our kids, we can often trip over ourselves in our own zeal to try to hit that next thing to help them reach that next stage.

I've done it. Still do. ALL THE TIME.

Human nature. We get SO excited about some new discovery that we sometimes forget that as different as we might think our kids might be, they are also, at the! They can have your basic, average reaction just like anyone else.

When Super-T's iPad arrived Justine, his Mom, found herself in a similar predicament, which she happily shared.

'I'll be honest, I was hoping Super-T would be crazier about the iPad than he was at first. It is totally MY fault, though. In spite of knowing better I kept trying different apps with him the first couple of days and frustrated him until he was tired of it.'

'HOWEVER he does love a couple of apps (Signing Time and Soundtouch). I decided to lay off the iPad for a day or so. The next evening, after not having used the iPad all day, Super T said "iPad". He thought of it himself and wanted it and SAID it! I am thrilled!'

'He is really enjoying it now that mom is not all crazy making him try out millions of different apps. It is wonderful because I can be focused and use an educational app and then use his favorite apps as a reward. The first time I did this we were doing color matching on an app and he was just messing around and touching random things and laughing (he loves the touch screen), but when I told him that if he did it right he could do Signing Time, he IMMEDIATELY matched the colors correctly! Amazing!'

'I really think this is a game changer for my little boy. I am amazed by all of the apps that are fully customizable, which is exactly what Super-T needs. And of course it is so rewarding to find something that can make him laugh and giggle and stay engaged for more than a few minutes. I am really looking forward to learning to use it to help him communicate!'

In addition to photos, Justine also shot some video, which she loaded up to YouTube for us.

'Here are the videos I shot with lower resolution. Unfortunately the ones at a higher resolution weren't as cute. I have a half a dozen like the second one. It was a tough but fun job deciding which giggle was cutest. I ended up going with this one because of the line in the song that says "where friends can meet and find we're not so different after all."

'The first video (which actually was shot second) is great because not only does Tim say "thank you" and "iPad" with prompting for each word (thankyou is one word in our house LOL), he then (after a fake smile because he thought I was taking his picture, not videoing) says "Thank you iPad." A whole phrase!!! Put together without me prompting each word!'

Those words came in first, after the first couple of days. In a way I am almost glad there was a time lag in getting to these iPosts because there was a follow-up, and I can include it here.

'I think we have had our big iPad breakthrough today (after I initially made Super-T not like it by making him try so many apps the first day). Today, not only did we get in some OT via Dexteria (at which he has improved dramatically since starting it just a few days ago) and some color matching, and a bit of word recognition, we found an app other than Signing Time that made him laugh hysterically and totally held his attention.'

'Seriously HYSTERICALLY laughing while interacting with the screen to fling pictures of family members around. The app is called AlphaBaby Free (it also does colors, shapes, ABC's, etc.) I almost immediately spent the $.99 to upgrade to the full version so I could put on more worth it! He wasn't just watching he was controlling it! I actually had to take the iPad away finally and say that that was enough for a while (want to keep it fresh and not burn him out). Yippee!!!'

'These apps that Super-T loves so much are great rewards for doing the things that I want him to do on the iPad (like Dexteria, or color matching or sight words or, in the future, a communication app). I can't say enough how this is changing things for him, and we are just at the tip of the iceberg here.'

That is 3,000% awesome, don'tcha think?


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