Sunday, September 11, 2011

Updates and Support For One of Our Own

Hi Everybody. Been a while.

Of course it was never my intention to be sidelined this long. One never expects that when the doctors say 'It will take you at least two weeks to recover from your Tonsillectomy.' that it will actually take you at least two weeks to recover from your Tonsillectomy.

But it did.

The fact is, I'm not DONE recovering from my Tonsillectomy. Which really stinks. Something weird is going on along the right side of my throat and it still hurts like...the DICKENS. Not sure what is up. A phone call will be placed tomorrow to my ENT to see if I can get seen tomorrow and have him take a peek down there and tell me the 'what 'fer'.

BUT...I gotta do my level best to get these wrapped up and ready to ship in the meantime. Think I can do that?

I dunno...been slipping lately...

The trick will be not messing up the addresses while being woozy on pain medication. There is a VERY interesting story behind these five iPads that will be going out, but I'll get to that this coming week, along with catching up on the iPosts for Jaxson and Addison and Jake, all SERIOUSLY overdue, and I am very sorry to each of those families for the delay on that.

Speaking of recovering from stuff, Sam, one of the earlier Recipients, is recovering from a broken femur in the hospital. His Mom, cerealgirl007, who you can find over at her blog Cereal World, could probably use some encouragement, as she is stuck 24-7 all by herself over 14 hours away from her home at the Children's Hospital, and poor Sam is in traction for at LEAST three weeks and has a LONG road of recovery ahead of him.

We gotta show some support, that has to be BRUTAL!!!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a fairly good day, remembering the events that happened ten years ago in your own way. I have a ton of things I wanted to say about it but decided it was just too much. I think I want to leave it alone for now.

Let's focus on Sam and the iPads for now and getting everything caught up and back on track, and anything else can always be left for other places in the Blogoverse!


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