Monday, November 21, 2011

My Dog Ate My Blog Post

I've been trying to think of a really, really good excuse as to why I've let this blog sit here, unattended to, for over a month.

Figured the 'Dog-Eating' classic was as good as any other. Works for me! :)

Although, truth be told, I don't actually OWN a dog, so there is no possible way that a dog COULD have eaten my blog post. But I won't tell anybody if you won't.

Why the silence?

The REAL reason has been just sort of waiting to see what we wanted to do next. There was a possibility, still is a possibility, of something rather...major. And we want to see how it plays out. But since we don't have all the information on it yet, we can't really do anything.


But, I can say that we are getting antsy. VERY antsy, and we want to start doing some stuff again. SO...we've decided to proceed with a smaller project now, and the larger project that we hope we are going to be able to be a part of somehow will have to be still be there, but we'll just need to sit tight on that while we do a few things now.

Confused? Don't am I. But it doesn't matter, because like anything else, all things start to become more focused as we move along.

I'll get the details on it sorted out this week in time for a Thanksgiving roll-out so we can get cooking on Mission Two and get it going for the Holidays.

There will be some updates, some follow-ups and other various announcements that we'll be making along the way.


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The Mission: iPossible! Group

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Justine said...

Very exciting! I love seeing the big "2"!