Friday, January 6, 2012


If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times.

The best part about this...experience, for lack of a better descriptive term, is that moment when, after having sent out the iPads, we get the pictures in of the children using the devices with their families.

Never gets tired. Never gets old.

It's like during the winter, when you are blessed with a slightly warmer than average day (if you happen to live up here in the Mid-West or other cold climates), and you have been trapped WAY too long inside your home. Cooped up. Contained. Forced to breathe re-circulated, dry, manufactured air from your heating system. But on this day, this special day, you get to go outside in something less than full Hoth Gear, and you feel a blast of crisp cool, FRESH air and it caresses your face when you walk around and you feel...renewed.

Yeah...that's what it's like. Kinda sorta.

Carolyn, who writes the blog Daniel's Gift, sent me some photos of her son Daniel and the iPad they received as one of our pair of Mission 2 Recipients. Carolyn timed the iPad to give it to Daniel for his 13th birthday. She wrote a bit about it on one of her posts about the birthday itself, and she shared this with us as well.

Daniel doesn't talk, but man can that boy play. His favorite toys when he was a tiny kid were anything with lights and music. He had a little jukebox that played tunes and lit up when he spun the roller in the middle. He wore the color off the plastic making that thing go!

When I started hearing about the iPad and all of the applications for learning and special needs, I knew he needed one. He loves grabbing cell phones away from anyone within reach. He likes the way the screen lights up, and his fingertips can make it DO things (although some of the accidental calls haven't been convenient).

Daniel doesn't have a formal diagnosis, but he's been assessed as autistic. His fine motor skills are something he works on everyday. Just holding his cup can be challenging at times. The iPad is already a big motivator for him in this area. He loves the apps that allow him to make colors appear (with sound, no less) and bubble wrap pop with a flick of his finger. There is so much potential for learning and eventually communicating that it can't be overstated just how valuable a gift this was for him on his thirteenth birthday.

Thank you for making this possible for him!

It was and always will be our pleasure. Can't wait to see more updates on Daniel's progress, and wish him and your family nothing but the best in the coming year.

These two iPads both came to be given to Heather by some very interesting circumstances. Perhaps if we lean on her enough she'll agree to do a write-up on the history of both of them and their 'stories'. It's fascinating stuff.


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Justine said...

And the iPosts never get old.

And please, Heather, do share!

Carolyn said...

Thanks again, Heather and Ken! I just found the Tap to Talk app and it is exactly what Daniel needed. 2012 may just be the year he finds his voice thanks to you both!

stephanie said...

oK, that was awesome to see!!! So happy for Daniel! Thanks for posting so we could share in the joy! Very cool!