Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alive & Kicking

Hi. Yeah I know. Been a while.

In BOTH places. Which is why I am simultaneously posting this in both my blog and at Mission: iPossible. It probably violates some blogoverse rule and will cause the world to implode, so sue me. To me? Whatever gets the wheels of progress turning. That is what is most important.

It occurred to me, while trying to figure out how to best serve the current Mission 3 parameters, that there are quite a few parents out there who have already done the whole 'send in the story' thang. Who have already sent in their child's information, the history, the e-mail, the whole shebang.

Why go through it again?

We don't think they should have to. So currently I'm working out something that can fit into this blog format with fairly simplistic ease (not an easy task...blogger is not as user friendly as you might think) for this and future giveaways so that anyone who enters and doesn't get an iPad and maybe who doesn't find one through other means can have their info stored here. You'll see a tabbed page now called 'PRE-QUALIFIED CANDIDATES', probably a temporary title for now, and I will work it into there somehow.

Of course, that will also require some work on our part to make sure that the people who are still eligible haven't found one already, but we'll work that out as we go.

Work in progress, work in progress. I keep telling myself that...not just here, but as we try to figure out how to work through the behavioral nightmare that is my son Bennett's latest...what's the word I should use? Shitstorm?

Hey! This, at least the Mission: iPossible site, is supposed to be a FAMILY-friendly blog, mister! It still is, don't me a family with a disabled child where an S-bomb hasn't been dropped, from time to time. ;)

We'll make it through. We always do. And to those of you who have been reaching out with severe concern for my well being? Thanks. I do appreciate it. My psychiatrist has increased my medication, sadly, to try and level me off...dammit, that was something I had hoped to avoid. But waddya gonna do? Sometimes, you have to choose paths that go through very thick weeds to get to the oasis, know what I mean? Consequently for the past several days I have been trying to adjust.

Groggy? Meet Foggy. With a dose of Sleepy and Out of It.

That very same psychiatrist, who is a true diamond in the rough doctor, a rare gift, was asking me about Bennett...trying to find out who was managing his care on the Behavioral Psych side of things. I told him no one at the moment. At Cleveland Clinic, his Behavioral Psychiatrist had retired, and we have not found one here to replace him, and we are not able to take him to the local hospital for a lot of reasons, many of which I shared with the Doc.

I did tell him that we contacted 14 Behavioral Psychiatrists here in the area...FOURTEEN, and none were taking new patients. But I also told him that things were completely out of control and I told him some of the things that had happened.

He just looked at me and said.

'I'll see him.'

And in three and a half weeks, he is going to. He said that it will require a little more work on his part, and some research into Bennett's background and some info from me, but he wants to help, as much for Bennett as for me, since I am his patient too and helping Bennett helps me too.

Don't find 'em like that much anymore, do ya?

It isn't long term, but it was something very...nice, in what has been a very long stretch of dark these past few months.

That's about it for now. Back in a bit with some more on the giveaway, an intro to a new member, and a shout out to one in our community who has a way cool webinar to share.


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Peter Olson said...

Ha! Ha! Work?
You sound like you are having some fun too.
Keep up the great work!
Nice post. It gave me a big smile. :-)