Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Time

There are those people in your life, who live in this community and who take leadership positions in it, who often send you lifelines when you are floundering about with your difficulties, even though often their OWN difficulties are massive by comparison. Elizabeth, a very vocal supporter of the Mission: iPossible group, and a dear friend, is one such person.

Elizabeth will be a part of a Webinar, a Live Question and Answer session, on Valentine's Day, entitled Using Technology to Communicate with Your Developmentally Disabled Child. You'll note that when you click on the link in the title, that it is a reference to Part II.

The first Webinar, the one I did not post about, you can find at this link.

Unfortunately I've been a bit saturated with things on the home front, as you may have noticed, and I missed that one, at least the participation of 'spreading the word', and for that I apologize, to Elizabeth and to you, the community to which I owe a bit more in the way of being on my toes.

But hey...there is also something to be said about the notion of putting on one's own margarine cup oxygen thingie and getting it secured, before putting it on the person in the seat next to you. Or something like that. ;)

I'll do better in the next plane crash. Promise.


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