Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get That Man Some Pants!

Just wanted to get your attention. ;)

A long time ago, around these parts, we had our Mission One going, and one of the Recipients (as they came to be called) by the name of Eric Olson (whom I have mentioned before in various places) was here on behalf of his son Liam.

It was a bit unusual to have a Father to interact with. There aren't that many of us out there. Well, not Father's. Of course there are plenty of those. I mean, Dad's who write blogs. And so since there are not that many of us, there were not that many of us who entered the original MB contest, and there were not that many who wound up as part of The Forty, then The Twenty, which we ended up calling our final group who were a part of that first Mission.

Naturally, because of that whole Testosterone and facial hair thing, Eric and I started up a bit of an online friendship.

And despite his New England Patriot affiliation, that friendship has been maintained. He's good people, so I can look past that type of flaw in his personality. Besides, I have to admit, just don't tell anybody, that I have a deep respect for Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization. To me? He is a God in the NFL.

In fact, I look at Belichick much the way Eric looks at Terry Francona, former manager of the Boston Red Sox, who Eric idolized as he wrote about a visit to Fenway Park last summer in an incredible post on his blog Pressure Support, where he clicks and clacks about his family and their journey with Liam. I love the tagline of Pressure Support. It is classic. 'My boy's ventilator really blows.'

So why am I singing the praises of Mr. Olson to you right now? Because it is my pleasure to officially announce that he is joining our little group here at Mission: iPossible. What exactly does that mean?

Nothing! I'm joking, it does mean something. It means a new era begins for us, but what I mean is that nothing is changing in a major way, so now Eric can take a breath... he doesn't need to worry about any sudden changes in his own life and write me any notes. ;)

This is an all-volunteer little band of Brethren and Sistren, and we are always open to more people contributing anything to this community effort, and it is my hope to set this place up as a sort of 'contributor type' site, where we start to get folks other than me writing here, get some regular, repeat content and other types of things going, etc., etc.

This is the first eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny, baby step in getting that going, and I think it is great that Eric is the first one taking it. I admire that as I admire him and his blog.

So welcome Eric, glad you're here, even though you have always been in one way or another. And outwardly most of you probably won't notice much of anything for a bit, because as we've talked about to each other, most of this is all just behind the curtain type of stuff for the time being.

In the meantime, the Mission 3 deadline for Candidacy is still open, so be sure to tell your friends and neighbors and get the info in for it before we start the selection process on March 09. By week's end we'll have the goal up for the Mission 4 numbers.

Oh...why the pants reference in the title? It's SEMI-interesting. You can stop reading now if you want, this next part is just for funsies, but it does come back around to Eric if you are curious.

In 2009, I entered two very different worlds. One was this world of being a Special Needs Dad. The other was being the VP of Product Development for a company called The MVP Collection. The plan for MVP was to make NFL Statuary, very high end stuff. We did pre-production development on a handful of items. We produced only two actual products. Sadly, due to a myriad of reasons, the company went under and by 2010 I was out of a job. Again.

When you do this kind of work, you need good reference. For a Tom Brady Premium Format Style Statue (here is an example of that kind of format, cloth and polystone or resin in a mixed media style, around 18-inches tall) I needed to find parts of a New England Uniform. I got a pair of official pants directly from the Patriots because I could not find them on the open market.

When I turned in all my materials after my layoff, I could not find one box of stuff that had a handful of stuff in it. In that box was this pair of pants. Found it recently because of this problem I am having with my basement. Now...the NFL is super freaky-deaky about eBay and what gets sold on there. And the last thing in the world I need in my life is the NFL breathing down my neck.

So...I wondered, what in the heck am I going to do with a pair of New England Patriots NFL Pants? They are cool, but they are not Baltimore Ravens pants. If they were, I would not be writing this post now. They would be framed on my wall. But Patriots pants? Cool, but not something I really want to display.


I told him I would send them to him. Thought maybe he could frame 'em. Heck, he could even wear 'em, pretend he's Tom Brady, whatever. Have some fun. Lord knows we all need a little Pressure Release, right?

And THAT'S why I mentioned the pants.

I guess it isn't that cool of story after all? OK, point taken. I'll leave that stuff out next time. It DID get your attention though, yeah? ;)



Lisa said...

I am new to mission: iPossible, but am so excited I found this blog.

I love this blog entry. I know I sometimes take for granted, what it takes to put things together on a blog. I'm not a blogger, but find other blogs, such as this, a very refreshing part of my day/life. I am thankful for you "wizards" working behind the scenes and making such a difference in the lives of others, while building friendship and a little sports rivalry in the mix for fun. BTW, Welcome Eric !!

Looking forward to what your vision is for this blog moving forward, and adding a little of our story in the mix.

Oh...glad to hear "that man" (Eric) got some pants ;)

That problem in the basement had a silver-lining!!
Lisa Neely

Kevin Jordan said...

Welcome to Eric! And I personally loved the pants story :)

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Although I have already told him, it deserves a repeat.

Welcome Eric to our little group here at MiP. I am so thrilled that you agreed to come on board.We may be small but we sure are mighty. Or at least we have the hearts that allow us to think we are. I just know there is so much more for us to do here within this community of ours and I am looking forward to have you come along for the ride.

stephanie said...

Woo Hoo a Pats fan, Eric must be a great guy;)

If he's a New Englander too, than he really did deserve the pants!

Eric said...

Well a Thank You all.

Thank you Ken for the introduction! And for the pants. It has been embarrassing walking around the house without any. We've got home nursing here!

Kidding aside, the Mission iPossible project has meant so much to me. So much more than simply the gift of an ipad (though that gift continues to benefit my son) but also in helping me to find my place in this special needs online community. But on top of all of that it has introduced me to two people that I feel honored to now call friends.

I'll tell you all about it in a proper post of its own.

Ken and Heather, Thank you so much for having me. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to helping in any way that I can.

Peter Olson said...

How about a Big Group Hug! *

Very enjoyable to read post. Thank you Man!

* Note: But please with pants on! Ha! Ha!

Justine said...

Yeah! Happy you are adding to the team! I think we should have more cute Bennett, Zoey, and Liam pictures on the MiP blog...just a little suggestion. :)