Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission 3

You may have heard me say before that we had acquired the funds over the winter, thanks to a rather large donation from a single donor, for around 6 iPads, give or take. That is absolutely true. But after some internal discussions, we decided not to go with 6 iPads for Mission 3, and we also decided not to hold up Mission 3 any longer than it was already being held up.

Lemme explain.

First about the delay. I've been trying to get an HTML form put together for a few weeks now in my spare time. Some type of an interface that would make entering data for your child a snap. Well, suffice it to say, even HTML for Dummies isn't helping this dummy, and I am having a little trouble getting it to work right.

But time just keeps on passing and this is REALLY gnawing at me. It wasn't gnawing at me so much while my son was gnawing at me while his behavioral problems were in massive overdrive. But now, since his behavior has started to seriously calm down, and I mean seriously, I have had a bit more time to think and I want to get things moving again.

And having things held up by something like an online form is just...well, it's silly. We can still do the giveaways the old-fashioned way while we have the means to do so, while we work out any of the other junk, know what I mean?

SO...why keep waiting, let's start Mission 3 now, shall we?

Now about the QTY of iPads. Mission 3 will be for 3 iPads. Mission 4 will be for 4 iPads. And so on and so on and so on. That puts us short for the amount we need for Mission 4, so we will simultaneously start an external and internal fund-raising effort now.

This helps, in fact it is HUGE, to keeping us motivated to work on something, have a GOAL, which we all agree is part of what we need as a tool, and it also helps to have something UP to sort of all have as constantly striving forward. Otherwise it is just always sort of hanging. Does that make sense? Hope so, because it makes perfect sense to me.

With no definition of where we wanna go there is no real path and with no path there is no journey. I just made that up...gonna be a big, big hit. ;)

The Mission 3 Recipients will be selected from the group of Pre-Qualified Candidates on the Tabbed Page on this website and any new Applicants who enter in the Comments section below. Selection will not be by Random Selection Process as before. I was not comfortable with that after all was said and done. I do not think any of us were.

We are simply going to make the selections internally and announce the Recipients. During that announcement process we'll talk about what led us to the decision regarding who was chosen in this particular round. It is not as 'easy' as a Random process, it is infinitely more difficult. I believe in this world we live in it is an opportunity to take the element of 'chance' out of the equation...something that, in a Special Needs setting is, at least in my mind, a good thing.

As before, we'll be giving away the same type of iPad.

You know the drill...the 16GB, Wi-Fi models that we gave out in Missions 1 & 2. Not the 3G capable kind.

In order to become eligible to enter this giveaway, unless you are already on the Pre-Qualified Candidates Page, you need only do the following:

Take a photograph of your child or use an existing one you already have and host it somewhere on the Internet. Then you can copy/paste the below into the comments section because you can use it as your guide to creating your entry, that way you won't forget to include what you need and have to make a second comment or, God forbid, forget something entirely and end up with a disqualified entry like the last time.

If you just copy/paste and change the below to have all YOUR INFO, you will be GOLDEN...just set up your entry like the following sample and there should be no problems at all. If you do not have a blog then just write N/A in that field.


STATEMENT: Write a statement here, can be long or short, totally up to you, regarding what your child's communication-related disability is and why you believe your child would benefit from this groundbreaking technology. Why the request for the photo and the text? WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE WE SERVICE. Plain and simple. We like pictures of kids, and it is important to not just be names and numbers. This is still about community.

You do not have to INSERT your child's photo. I only did because this is a blog and I am trying to make it visually interesting. And Bennett is damn cute in that little PJ outfit. And I am just glad he is SMILING again instead of trying to rip my face off.

Anyway...if you are selected as a Recipient, you MAY be asked to fill out an Eligibility Form, Release Form, etc., similar to the ones we had up previously on our site, and this may or may not include various documentations such as a letter of need from a Speech Therapist or Physician in your child's life. (But don't sweat any of this kind of thing PLEASE...and remember...full Privacy applies to this part, any of that kind of info stays private.)

These types of things are vital so that we can verify that any Recipient is a child in need of an iPad and that said child does indeed have a communication-related disability. We are, after all, trying to fulfill a Humanitarian mission here, and we don't want to just give out iPads to everyone, though that would be great if we could.

Because of our new format, submission of Application for Candidacy is always open now, and the acceptance for entries will remain open indefinitely, but the deadline for announcement of Mission 3 Recipients will be Friday, March 9, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST. It is open to anyone...anywhere.

- Only one entry per household, even if you have more than one child with a disability.
- Entries must follow all specified guidelines or they will not qualify.
- These rules are flexible, as in subject to change and variate as the giveaway progresses.
- As always, there is no fee for entry.
- It would be much appreciated if you are on the Pre-Q page, as one has already done, to let us know if you have already picked up a device for your kiddo so we can clear a slot.

That about covers it I think...pretty self-explanatory right? Easy-peezy, yeah?

If you have any questions at all...ANY...just hit me up at with MISSION 3 QUESTIONS in the Subject line and I will get right on them.

But other than that?



Lisa said...
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blogzilly said...

I just wanna far as entries go, example wise? PERFECTION right outta the gate! :)

I think an APP that might be good to look at is one I want to do a write-up about called iCommunicate, where a photo can be taken or uploaded to the device and you can record any sound or word or phrase over it. It is essentially PECS on Steroids. It's amazing and even though it is fifty bucks it may be the best fifty bucks I ever spent.

Justine said...


Is this open to USA only? I can't remember.


Charissa said...

My name is Charissa. We are on the pre-qualified list. My friend Justine told me about this giveaway. We have three (adopted) children with special needs. Two have Down Syndrome, but the third, the one who would benefit most from the ipad, I think, is Zoya, who was born 13 weeks premature, positive for drugs and alcohol. She has an unrepaired cleft palate and some developmental delays related to fetal alcohol effects, which have made her speech delays very significant. She is a bright and determined girl who KNOWS what she wants to say, but rarely can she be understood. I believe she would benefit greatly from some of the wonderful speech assistance devices, as would my other two children. Thank you so much for your hard work in helping children with special needs. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is very exciting - more kids lives are going to be changed! As always, thanks again for everything that you are doing for our children!

Victoria said...

CHILD'S NAME: Namadi Pitia
PARENT'S NAME : Victoria Dhensaw

My name is Victoria one of the luckiest moms in the world of Namadi who's 3 years old. She's been a fighter since the day she's been born at 23 weeks and weighing 1 pound 3 ounces. I'm writing in hopes that my miracle child will be able to learn and grow in her development of language and communication through this wonderful technology.
Namadi was born with Cerebral Palsy, bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss, Retinopathy of prematurity(ROP), Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) which makes her apart of the Canadian DeafBlind Association(CDBA) and she's had multiple intubations from several sugeries, respiratory failures and procedures; which may have caused damage. Namadi is non-verbral so far she does make some baby babbling sounds but no words as of yet.
Namadi has been using her CDBA consultant Sue's iPad, once a month, which has made me think i need to get her one. When I saw her work so hard to use her high tone to move her hands to touch the screen, I started to cry. Namadi has many toys and i've never seen her try and reach for them like I did with Sue's iPad.
Many of the people in Namadi's life, SLP, CDBA, Deaf and hard of hearing teacher, and other special needs families, have told me to try and get an ipad. With everything that has been going on with Namadi's needs and constant time spent at BCCH ICU I am unable to afford an iPad.
I know that with technology changing and new apps arising Namadi will benefit greatly from an iPad. Not only will she be able to use her high tone in a postitive to hit the screen; she'll be stimulating her weaker senses (hearing loss and visual impairment). And all the time we spend in the hospital will not be lost she would still be able to work on her development while she's healing.
I thank you so much for taking the time to read our entry and for giving such a wonderful gift like communication for all the special needs kids out there like Namadi.

Dyermaker said...


Statement: Hello! I am Sheri, the proud mother of Cameron and Casey. Cameron is almost 3 and is one of the brightest, funniest, and determined children I have ever seen. His brother Casey is 7 months old, and is the most easy going child.Cameron is affected by Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. He is non verbal, but prefers to communicate through object exchange currently. He has been in early intervention for over a year and his official diagnosis for 6 months. He doesn't seem too interested in sign language or traditional picture exchange. He is, however, VERY fascinated by touching wanted objects or moving the mouse over a picture of them on a computer screen. I think he is more willing to communicate when a visual stimulus is also given. He has always been interested in remote controls, computers, cell phones, ect. and will concentrate on a lit screen longer than anything else. Aside from the communication struggles, his behavior can be a massive obstacle. I have used simple preschool computer mouse games as a reward while using ABA therapy. It however, would not make much logical sense for me to lug around a home PC for him to use at any part of the day. This is more of a struggle since he will be going to Special Education Preschool. The teachers and therapists there are very familiar with iPAD technologies, since several special education students within the school district currently use them. They do not have funding to purchase an iPAD for every student who they think needs one, but are more than willing to work with those students where parents have obtained one. I have a lot of hope that the iPAD can provide him the means to communicate and am trying my hardest to get him an iPad as soon as possible. I love how much this program has done for those kids who need them.. changing one kid at a time :)
Sheri Dyer

stephanie said...

Hi Ken, my daughter Emilia is on the PQ list and no we have not picked up any devises:( Please keep us on the list:)

And THANK YOU and Heather for doing this!!!

Justine said...

Charissa's blog is at

(she is on the pre qualified list and commented above.)

I saw this morning that she just started blogging again and I thought I'd give you this info. :)