Monday, March 12, 2012

Aligning The Ducks

OK, so we were getting set, we are getting set, to pick the kiddos who will be receiving the iPads for Mission 3, when it occurred to me that the best thing to do is to make certain we get all our ducks in a row BEFORE we actually do any selections and notifications.

Call it a brief pause to review.

Glad I did. Because I consolidated the info from the Mission 3 new candidates (ONLY THREE? That's not only ironic, it is SAD...however, I am going to look at it as a blessing, it means we can get a better head start to getting all the people who have been waiting cleared off the list and not feel so bad about the wait). Anyway, as I was doing the consolidation I noted some stuff.

For example, the ping I had sent out to Candidate 14, E-V, is still unanswered, and I sent that inquiry on February 17th on her Mom's blog. That blog has not been updated since December 20th of last year. SO I am not sure if they are even around right now.

Yesterday, I put together a mailing list and send it out to all the Candidates and asked for an affirmation that you are all still out there before we begin the selection process. As of the time of this posting, the following Candidates have not responded, including Dani, E-V's Mom, who did not get the e-mail because I do not have her e-mail address:


I am hoping to hear from everyone soon. All Candidates who have not yet responded back need to do so with an update on the status of your child. Those that received the e-mail can just reply letting me know that you received the e-mail and that your son or daughter has or has not received an iPad, and those that did not can send a message to and I can resend the message to you using the Distribution List. I’ll need to know by Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST if your e-mail is valid and if you still need the device or we'll have to pass you up for these rounds of selection.

I think that this is the right thing to do in order to make sure that A) people are still available at the same contact addresses and B) folks have not already received devices through other sources. With the amount of time that happened between Mission 2 and 3, I think this is the most fair way to go for the people who are still waiting to get one, don't you think?

One parent did message me yesterday and bow out, stating that her daughter Rowan has been making tremendous progress and doesn't have the same need for the device she had before, which is terrific news.

One other subject I need to bring up to everybody is in regards to Verification and Eligibility, something that might seem new to some of you since that page has been down for revision for a long time, but it has actually been around since the very beginning, ever since we started this project as a whole.

We wanted to revise some elements to it and we skipped some of the more formal aspects of this process for Mission 2 because we wanted to get those 2 iPads shipped for Christmas, but now, if you are selected, we will need to go through the same processes we did with the first 20 Mission One Recipients. We have to dot the i's, cross the t's, etc. We'll need to request the info regarding physicians, therapists and such so that we can reach out to them if needed, so I will be re-establishing the Verification Page shortly. It's pretty easy to understand, but if you have any questions about anything there feel free to hit us up at any time.

That about covers it. It's going to take a couple of extra days to get everything in the house here in order, but in retrospect I think it is a good thing to do.

The GOOD news though is that the distance between Missions 3 and 4 is not going to be nearly as wide as the distance was between 2 and 3. Why? Because since Apple has decided to introduce the iPad 3, which is HARDLY even an upgraded device, if you ask me, because I have read all the specs, the iPad 2 is currently $100.00 less than it was a month ago.

Because of that, we had JUST enough funds in our account to cover the purchase of 7 iPads. SO..what is 3 + 4? If I remember my basic math, even though I did get a 'C' in Algebra 101 in college, it is 7. So Mission 4 is covered, we do not NEED to raise any scratch to get the extra little bit we needed. As soon as we wrap up the details on 3? We go right into 4.

Nice, right?



Justine said...


Dani said...

we are still here :) I sent you an email .. Dani & E-V

Laura said...

Just sent a pong to your ping. Lucky I have MiP on Facebook. :-) Everyone send your positive vibes and prayers up for Sophia this week. She needs to stay healthy enough to have procedure done under anesthesia Friday. Angel girl gets sick if you look at her sideways.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are getting all the ducks in a row ! Good for you. I could use some help getting more organized!

But for what is really on our minds.... what is that tasty beverage, and why doesn't it come with the iPad?!! lol

And an added WAHOO for the price drop on the ipad2 !!

Anna said...

Just loving the sense of humor and sweet comments! For peeps like me this was a great post, I might need to go though it again as I get distracted easily and there was a LOT of info here. I just sent you an e-mail to let you know that we still exist and lil G would greatly benefit from one of these devices. I will check out the verification part because no, we have not submitted any formal documents of any size, shape or color. I am not thinking this would be difficult. It might take time tho. I am thrilled at the blessing of price decrease allowing the next adventure to be pain free on the fundraising end. Warmly~

blogzilly said...

The tasty beverage was water with some new Crystal Light stuff that has no artificial junk in it, can't recall the name of it. Part of a new thing where I am trying to clean up my act overall as far as what I put into this junkheap of a mess I used to call a body.

So far the plan has worked like I never dreamed possible though, gotta admit. Well, other than the hospital thing, but I don't think that was related. ;)

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

You have such a way of writing! Thank you for not only providing me with a little comic relief, but for all that you are doing for the SN community. I know, I told me before that it isn't you, it's us...but let me tell you's YOU! We owe you so very much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Cathy C said...

Thanks for getting in touch. So are we "in" the running for mission 3? I am not sure if we were supposed to do something more or just answer the email :)


blogzilly said...

Yeah, this wasn't so much about being in the running on Mission 3, though you are, its about being in on the PQC list in general. I need to tighten up the copmmunication, stay on top of things, like it was with our original group of folks we were trying to get hooked up.

Essentially? It was a rough winter. We had some deaths, Bennett was trying to chew my face off and then some health problems have had me a bit off my game.

But now I am just focused and determined to make sure that we get back to form. After I started getting all the steak and cheese out of my veins, I started to see a bit more clearly...:)

Cathy C said...

I can relate to all 3 of those...a little too closely actually! :)

Glad you are doing better. Maybe it will be smooth sailing ahead. (Knocking on wood)

blogzilly said...

Well, I doubt it will ever be smooth sailing, but at least I feel like I am more able to navigate at the moment, know what I mean? I feel like my overall prospects as far as health went way, way up, just like when I decided to give up the cancer sticks three years ago.

The body pain is still here, so I have to figure that out, but as long as it is not a major bullet to dodge, I should be OK.

Hmmm...where ARE those four women on that LIST!?! We've only got forty minutes and then I have to re-configure the Candidate list and I hate to do that but I have tried all kinds of ways to reach out but I am mystified about what else I can do...