Thursday, March 15, 2012

Candidate Page and M:3 Results

Thanks to each of the contacts who got back to me on the messages that we sent out to all the Candidates on Sunday and afterward in an effort to do a check-up on everyone's status. It was appreciated. We've re-organized the Candidate page on the site to reflect the responses, and tightened up the organization of it.

After some discussions, we decided to be sure we had it in sequential order from the start of the list to the end according to the sequence of when each individual person posted in each of the various Mission posts. Not that it will necessarily reflect any results of any selection processes, but it was brought up internally and I think it is important to know where everybody stands, especially from a timing perspective.

Helps as a motivational tool too, I think. You take a look at the list and you go...hmm...gotta get cracking on this and that, need to go out and spread the word and try to hook this family up. Things like that.

As far as the how the list will change...whenever a Candidate becomes a Recipient, the name and info will simply move off the Candidate list and everything sort of slides into the proper position. That's why I took the numbers out. It would be a pain in the butt with that system to constantly change the numbers, and besides, rather than have an HTML code for that I'd rather not have the numbers anyway because the numbers are too confusing to begin with. They suggest things that are not there.

The four Candidates I could not get in touch with I had to slide into a special category at the bottom of the page. They are not off the list entirely; they are just out of the 'queue', so to speak. In other words, any new person coming into this whole system takes the slot above that group and gets entered into the Distribution List, we establish contact through the e-mail privately, etc., and if any of the four reach back to us then they can certainly get put on the list but they would have to get slotted in at the end. This whole exercise does becomes a factor if we decide to do a fulfillment based solely on sequential order.

Let's get to the Mission 3 results. The Candidates who have been selected to become Recipients for the Mission 3 iPads are:


We will need to have the Parent Contacts get in touch with us at to begin the Verification and Eligibility Process. You can download everything you need on the Verification Page on the website. As soon as we can complete that stage, we can ship out the iPads to you. If for any reason we cannot complete that stage, each of the selected Recipients has an Alternate which we can slide into place should the need arise.

How were the Recipients selected this time around?

For Mission 3 I felt it was important to have each of us who are currently behind the scenes (myself, Heather and Eric) choose one of the Candidates personally. I believed, and still do, that it was an important thing, especially as an educational experience going forward, to really have to sit down and think measure a decision like this, and have to weigh all the responsibilities.

When you are on this side of the computer, it is sometimes easy to forget the power that this position can give you. I never, ever want anyone here to forget it or abuse it. Not that I feel like anyone ever would, mind you. Because I don't. These people are all here for a reason. But I thought, what better way to really teach each one of us the raw meaning of the phrase 'With great power comes great responsibility?' than to put each of us into a position where we had to choose from a group of equally deserving people? All the while knowing that there was risk in upsetting some, alienating others, and knowing that some people will, because it is simple human nature, be disappointed. So I suggested this as the selection process and it was a unanimous decision to proceed.

The simple act of making the decision to DO that has its own risks. Or certainly the act of informing you all of it does. But I have always lived and died by the motto of 'full disclosure', and while that can never be 100%, I still believe in being as open as I can be, and it would be very easy to just say 'We've selected the Candidates based on merit.', which we did, and leave it at that. Most of the time, that type of disclosure works fine for most people. AND that is not a bad thing. It just is not how we choose to roll, or how we've chosen to have this group be. We don't like to have to keep secrets.

If we do that, we learned nothing from our past.

And in the end, this is both about the fulfillment of iPads for children with communication-related disabilities but it is also about our community and how we communicate with each other. Because you have to always remember that this group and her missions were born because of secrecy and a dismal failure of communication. These missions will not fail to thrive because of a lack of it. Not on our watch.

That about covers that. Each of us will have more to say about their Recipient specifically in each 'iPost'. I know I speak for all three of us when I say that it was, without question, one of the most difficult things any of us have ever had to decide. Why do you think it took so long? :)

Tomorrow, we'll go over Mission 4. Yes, that fast. Why wait? :) (This one will have different selection parameters, 'natch!)

Besides, the key factor here is that I want to mention that after Mission 3 and 4 are complete we'll have 15 iPads, for sure, to deliver. Maybe a couple more depending on the stragglers who I can't get a hold of. I would like to urge the rest of the Candidates and those who care for them not to lose hope or momentum since some of you have reached out to ask me things like ‘What can I do?’

To me, 15 iPads is not a lot. I believe, as I did last year, that we can clear that out in no time at all. So while it may not be immediate, I am confident we can get this list, and beyond, taken care of rather quickly. We are not as big as I'd love to be, but we are not as small as we were, either. And we can always grow.

This is, as we've always said, a work in progress, and a community effort. We are open to any and all suggestions about lots of things, so have at it if you ever want to let it fly.



stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! Happy for everyone who is receiving an ipad this time around!

Foaming at the mouth for Mission 4 to begin!! :)

And thank you for this opportunity!

KellyDugan said...

Hi- Congrats to the lucky 3, I hope this makes a huge difference for your family!

We are on the pre-q list (Go Carson!) and I was wondering if you could add our blog to our 'bio'?


Lisa said...

Congratulations to Zoya, Andrew, Namadi, and their families. What an awesome mission COMPLETE !!

I can't wait to see pictures and stories of them using their new iPads!!

Let the next mission begin... MiP, you rock !!

Justine said...

Congratulations to the recipients! I can hardly wait for the iPosts! MiP, you inspire me!!!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Zoya, Andrew, Namadi...CONGRATULATIONS! I know you guys will love your ipad and I couldn't be happier for you!

Ken, please keep us all posted if there is anything we can do to help with future rounds. You are an amazing man and so are all the people that have helped you get to this point. ♥

Lisa said...

I just wanted to add...

Lose hope? Never. Hope is our best friend, hope is what drives us, hope is what our dreams are filled with...

MiP, you just fulfilled 3 families hopes for their child. You truly are making HOPES .... iPossible :)

Anonymous said...

MiP rocks! Very happy for the mission 3 recipients. I know the iPads will make their lives better!

Cathy C said...

Congratulations Zoya, Andrew and Namadi! I hope these ipads make an amazing difference in your beautiful lives.

Thanks Mission ipossible for your dedication to helping these kids.

Emilia said...

Congrats to Zoya, Andrew, and Namadi! I know the iPads will make such a difference for you and your families!

The VW's said...

Congrats to the recipients of Mission 3!

Thanks again, for the efforts of all involved to make this happen for so many!