Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Headed Home

So...how's things?

Thanks to Heather for posting in the blog for us about my trip to the hospital. I'm still in the Unit, and I have full laptop access now, but the good news is I am getting out today. Thanks for fingers crossed and your praying and well wishing. Appreciate the comments, notes and everything else. It's been sweet as always. Love this community.

I think we won't need to delay our Friday deadline. It does not appear that I had an actual heart attack yesterday, none of the evidence suggests that. So I won't require any 'rest period' from this thing (though I do need to solve this 'pain mystery' and I am on the case), but we won't need to have any delay on Friday's deadline for entries and we can still wrap up the selection process and get the iPad's arranged I would think very shortly after that.

I'll just need to be sure we allow time get the actual devices in OUR hands, but the selection process itself should move forward as originally scheduled with no hitches. Then we'll roll 'em out and get Mission 4 up on the board to start getting the funds together to complete what we need for that. We're short, but not by much.

Cool? Cool. :)

Heather and I and Eric all agree...we don't want to get in the habit of doing this 'delay' thing. Reminds us too much of, well, of something else. But things DO happen, which is why I wanted to have an announcement go up as soon as I went in here, because you never know, you know? And I had no idea how long I might be down for the count. That tonsillectomy was a thing that really sucked the life out of me, but my overall health was much worse then. Things are different today. Still...I didn't want yet another thing to start mucking with our plans. Thankfully, this time, it won't. That's terrific.

Next time you hear from me, it should be from home!



Anna said...

oh Im so sorry I missed all the excitement. I am so relieved that it wasnt a heart attack, will start praying as I know firsthand that "not knowing" is hard. Life does indeed happen. We, the families of children with medical diagnosis' completely know it. Live it. No explanations necessary! With that comes grace. You dont have to worry about appearances because already, you have proven to not be like others.

stephanie said...

I seriously doubt a delay from you guys would raise any eyebrows!!

Glad you're good but please take it easy. Delegate to the troops ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back in the saddle and also no heart attack! That is very good news!

Emilia said...

Very happy to hear that you are doing better and that it was not a heart attack! Take care of yourself and make sure to get some rest in there.

Victoria said...

Ken, you gave us quite a scare but thank goodness your on the mend and it wasn't a heart attack. We were praying for your speeding recovery. Take it easy at home we dont want you going back there anytime soon.