Monday, March 5, 2012

Important Mission 3 update with a side of medical drama

So, you most likely won't get very far before you notice that this post here doesn't jive and flow quite as smoothly as they normally do. Be forewarned that it may likely be filled with a few grammatical errors and, it definitely will be missing that beloved and unique humor usually attached. No catchy images to tie in the thoughts being conveyed. Although I need an 'A' for effort because I spent the longest time finding the perfect photos only to find out that the usual author of posts here must have some tricks of the trade in uploading because mine would so not work. Absent are some of the nifty little things that you have become so accustomed to here at Mission iPossible. The reason being, that I, Heather, cohort in crime here at MiP, am being forced to unexpectedly step way out of my comfort zone and update you on the happenings of the day. Yep, I do write my very own blog but here at Mission iPossible, Ken is definitely a hard act to follow in the writing department. However, seems like the aforementioned Ken, has decided to shake things up a bit with a little itty-bitty medical emergency.

News came today that Ken thought that today might be a good day to take his first ambulance ride. After experiencing some "odd sensations" in his chest this morning, that he could not quite put his finger on, he decided to err on the side of caution, and called 911.  Smart man, wouldn't you say? Looks as if that move has yielded to an overnight stay at his local hospital for observation. Not the kind of much needed get away he more than likely could use or would like, but a vital and necessary one anyway.

The great news is, that all indications at this point are, that he has NOT suffered a heart attack. Phew, right? However, additional tests are being run and barring any unexpected results from those, he most likely will be released tomorrow. With that said, there is the very real possibility that we will need to extend the Mission 3 deadline to the end of next week. We need to make sure that Ken gets home, rests, follows discharge orders and revamps things a bit, to maybe relieve some of the stress that can bog us all down from time to time, and rear it's ugly head, in unforeseen and sometimes, scary ways. For instance, not to steal my partners thunder, but I have been sporting an oh so lovely case of shingles this past week. My point being, sometimes life sends us little messages requiring us to sit up and take notice, or otherwise, we will be of no good to anyone. Especially those who need us the most.

In the mean time, send Ken some love in the form of some healing thoughts, vibes and prayers, for a quick and uneventful turn around. And, we promise to be back shortly, or hopefully Ken promises to be back shortly, for another update on Mission 3 and any necessary detours that may need to happen at this juncture. Once again, thank you one and all for your continued understanding and support of us here at Mission iPossible. It does not go unnoticed, and is greatly and humbly, appreciated.


Laura said...

Here I was having my own little pity party because I had teeth pulled last week and ended up with dry sockets. Shortest. Party. Ever.

Way to ruin it for me Ken! :P

Feel better - be WELL - get home soon. I have a party I need to get back to. ~ from the other Laura

stephanie said...

Feel better Ken!! Cr*p! That must have been so scary!!

Glad you are on the mend, take care of YOU!!!

Heather did a great job posting for you!!

Peter Olson said...

Praying that Ken gets feeling better very soon.