Monday, March 26, 2012

One Small Step

As we wait for some of the iPost materials to trickle in and for some Verification stuff to get sorted out to ship out the last of the M:4 iPads, just want to take a moment to point you in the direction of something that is, without doubt or hesitation, worth a few minutes of your time.

In our world, in the universe of the Special Needs community, we seem to spend much of our lives as parents picking up the pieces. Trying to patch holes in our lives. Trying to keep our families together, trying to put out this fire or that, and battling obstacles both within ourselves and put before us by systems that seem to care so little about the children they claim to serve.

Moment of Purity seem so rare sometimes, don't they?

They happen, they really do. And it is important that all of us stop and take a second to bathe in the warm wonder of those experiences when we happen to be fortunate enough to be granted a gift of such a treasure from one of our own children. But isn't it equally as important, as members of this community, when we become aware of one of our own who is savoring the beauty of something that will be timeless in their lives, to also bear witness?

Do we not owe it to them, and to ourselves, to stop, turn our heads, and take heed?

I say yes.



Lisa said...

OMG, this is so awesome. Tears of joy for your whole family Eric. This is so exciting !!

Going back to watch the video again...and again, and again.

This is total awesomeness !!

Eric said...

Ken, Thank You so much. I truly can't express in words how proud I am.

I'm still abuzz with this. I keep watching the video too, and I was there!

Emilia said...

This is awesome! I couldn't help but tear up when watching the video. So happy for Liam and your family Eric!

Cathy C said...

LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing the moment with us.

Justine said...

Love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing.

The VW's said...

This made my day!