The Mission: iPossible! Group was founded for the purpose of uniting those in the online Special Needs Community to work together on various projects in order to benefit children within our community who have communication-related disabilities.

Our goal is to connect those who have a specific need to those that have the ability to fulfill that need. We like to think of ourselves as 'Giving Facilitators'.

Each Mission for our Organization will be unique, but be defined by the same basic principle: Find a need within our Community and figure out a way to fill it, with transparency, dignity and disclosure. It's that simple.


MISSION ONE: The iPad Restoration Project
The goal of MISSION ONE was centered as much on a restoration of faith and of trust in the community overall as it was on the technology of the iPad. MiP, which is what we have come to call The Mission: iPossible! Group in 'shorthand', was born here, out of a quest to honor a promise made to Special Needs families who were declared winners in an iPad giveaway contest, that was canceled prior to fulfillment, hosted by a blog site known as Marissa's Bunny.

The Mission One goal, to connect 20 children who have significant communication-related disabilities with iPad devices to assist them in developing communication skills that can dramatically alter their lives, was achieved in only 76 days. We did this by soliciting donations, approaching organizations and seeking alternate sources of funding and put every dollar, device or item we collected towards the fulfillment of that goal.

MISSION TWO: The iPad Holiday Giveaway 2011
Mission Two was a fortunate piece of luck which happened because one of our own, Heather, was the fortunate recipient of two iPads through various charitable donations. She decided that it would be a fantastic idea to donate them to two families through The Mission: iPossible! Group rather than do something else with them, so during the holiday season of 2011 we ran a very quick, small giveaway with the two iPads.

The entry requirements for the giveaway were fairly basic, and the only real requirement was the device be for a child with a communication-related disability. Entries were taken directly on the blog site to save time, and the Recipients were chosen via a random selection process for this particular Mission.

MISSION THREE: To Be Announced