Mission: iPossible! Hall of Humanitarians

Completion of all of our groups Missions would not be possible without the overwhelming support of so many Humanitarians. For donations of money, time, goods for sale and many other valuable services, we establish this permanent space on the website in your honor, to thank you for all that you have so humbly and generously given.

Bill, Victoria and Gwendolyn Strong
Brian Jouan
Chad McCoy
Chainsaw, Inc. (Bill DeRonde, Michael Polito)
Colleen Sullivan
Damon and Karen Thomas
Dez and Megan Vitale
Emily McKee
Gary and Debbie Saunders
Greg and Kate Turpin
John and Joyce Ely
Kara Boyd
Karen Mahoney
Kathleen Kelley
Ken and Carol Hammack
Kevin and Patricia Jordan
Kim Mattison
Kristine Everest
Mary Sawin
Matt Ely
Pamela Crawford
Reagan Guidry and Janet Knape
Rick Johnson
Robert Rodgers
Single Dad
Susan R Petersen
Tara Reyda
Tasha Hanley
Tera Guidry

Donations made In Memorial Tribute/On Behalf Of:
A Special Dedication on Behalf of All Those Devastated by Infantile Spasms
Cooper Perry
Eddie Wires
Gary Bridges
Herbert Muschany
John Layton
Meighan Grassey

If you have made a Donation or have otherwise been involved in The Mission: iPossible! Group and you would like to see your name on this space but did not receive the e-mailed response that was sent out, please contact us so that we may add you! We only felt comfortable adding names as we received permission, so please pardon the oversight! :) If you see your name on this space and would like it removed because you feel it was added without your permission, we will remove it immediately upon receiving notification via e-mail at