Here you'll find everything you will need if you are a Candidate and your child is selected as a Recipient of an iPad or any other item in one of our giveaways or for any other gift items we are facilitating. Please note that these forms are for selected Recipients only and if you print them out and send them in unsolicited it does not place you or your child into consideration for any devices or giveaways. Any materials received that are not requested will not be reviewed and will be destroyed in the interests of maintaining your family's privacy.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information carefully. We appreciate your time and effort. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at and we will be happy to help!

In order to help us with the Verification and Eligibility process, we need to have you download and complete the documents below. Click the links, print the forms, and then you can do one of two things. You can either scan the forms back into the computer and send them to as jpegs or PDF files (in a reasonable file size please!) or you can send copies to us directly via good old fashioned snail mail to:

The Mission: iPossible! Group
Attn: Kenneth Lilly
P.O. Box 745
Sunbury, OH 43074

Takes a wee bit longer that way, but it is a little easier for you than scanning.

To complete the Verification and Eligibility process we will need:

1. A signed copy of our Eligibility Verification Form.

2. A copy of our Medical Information Release Form, signed by you and also signed by a licensed Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist or other Care Provider. (Any support materials, such as a letter of recommendation provided by any Therapists, are extremely helpful here, but not required.)

3. A signed copy of our Recipient Information Form.

4. A signed copy of our Recipient Release Form.

As a parent with a Special Needs child, I am intimately familiar with IEP's, ISP's and other types of large-scale documentation. Submission of a copy of that document, either in a PDF format or via snail mail, negates the need for #1 and #2 listed above. It is the HOME RUN of documentation, as far as we are concerned. Many parents sent one in during our MISSION ONE project, and they were extremely thorough and helpful.

Protection of your child's privacy is essential to all of us at The Mission: iPossible! Group. Only those person's named as authorized on the Eligibility Verification Form will view any materials submitted.