The Mission: iPossible! Group was originally comprised of a very special mix of Special Needs parents and other individuals, all working together on various projects to benefit kids in the community with communication-related disabilities.

The group was co-founded by Heather Needham and Kenneth Lilly, and there were other contributors, both public and private. These original bios will remain on the site while the blog is still active.

The Mission: iPossible! Group: De-Classified

Heather Needham - Co-Founder
'It goes something like this. Young girl from small Upstate New York town, meets handsome boy, from an ever so slightly larger, Upstate New York town. Young boy sweeps young girl off her feet. Corny, but totally true.'

'Two children later, we uproot our budding family of 4 and head to the sunny coast of California. Our family of 4 morphs quickly into a family of 5 and then 6 and finally, into a beautiful clan of 8. The last 24 years have been filled with our fair (and sometimes not so fair) share of trials and triumphs, peaks and valleys, better or worse and definitely richer or poorer. But nothing compares to the journey we embarked on as we welcomed to our crazy bunch child number 6.'

'Zoey Grace came blazing into our lives on March 2nd, 2007. Our littlest love has been our beacon of light in this shadowy world of hardship. She is an illustration of perfection in her innocence and resiliency. She is a representation of all that is good. She is a daughter and a sister who has been the guide for her family and their faith on a walk into the unknown. You can read about her remarkable story here, as well as follow us over at Little Wonders, where I blog about our ever-changing, ever-growing family.'

'Along the way, I do my best to advocate for my child and all others like her, who yearn for acceptance, equality and understanding. I am privileged and honored to be a part of this endeavor here at The Mission: iPossible! Group and know it is yet another gift, brought to me by my tiny, but mighty, fighter girl.'

Kenneth Lilly - Co-Founder
'I keep my family fortified with Macaroni and Cheese by freelance illustrating, writing, product development & various odd jobs I'm not proud of. I used to have a real job, believe it or not, designing toys and collectibles. I was a man of actual respect and means, and I cleaned up really nice.'

'I was best known for the work I did at Palisades Toys as the VP of Product Development, designing action figures and playsets for The Muppets and Resident Evil. There was that brief run at The MVP Collection working on NFL stuff, and of course the ReSaurus Co., a LONG time ago, where I earned my shiny golden Geek Wings in action figures working on classics like Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog and even Duke Nukem. Hail to the King, Baby!'

'Currently the main focus of my life, other than trying to figure out how in the world I am going to change careers in middle age, is my family, particularly my son Bennett, and navigating the hostile waters of Brain Tumors, Infantile Spasms (Epilepsy), Autism and anything else that gets in front of the H.M.S. Lilly as we sail into uncharted territory. Life on our ship, with my family, continues to be an amazing journey, and I write about that adventure, complete with salty language, at blogzilly. If you can navigate around the occasional dirty word, you will find a world of constant changes and fears, victories and defeats, stumbles, lessons, warts, dreams and most importantly...hope.'

Eric Olson - Contributor
'Representing the North East Region (thus far) for this nation-spanning group, I hail from Rhode Island where I live again after stints in Vermont and New Jersey. Though by trade I’ve spent the last fifteen years in food service management, running kitchens of all shapes and sizes, in my free time I have dabbled in music and photography. I just keep coming back to writing. It just seems to be my thing.'

'Three years ago I was really given something to write about when my wife and I had a son named Liam. Since then I’ve stayed sane by telling our story. You can read the whole thing at my blog Pressure Support. It’s a story of seizures and strength, ventilators and victories, chromosomes and character.'

'Liam and I, along with my wife (whose skill at being a mom rises to super-hero levels) just try and manage our way through special needs of all kinds. With not only an iPad but also community and friendship, The Mission: iPossible! Group has helped my family in ways that I think even Ken and Heather didn’t think possible when they started. I consider it an honor to be able to contribute to this cause since I am already one of it’s numerous success stories.'